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Last updated 2:52 PM on 27 October 2014



7A English students, Chloe Flynn and Harry Nicholson, have been shortlisted in ‘The Red Room
Poetry Competition'. Both Chloe and Harry's poems were selected from over 2550 entries! Over 1200 schools from Australia and New Zealand entered this competition, so this is a fantastic achievement for
these two talented poets.
7A students maintained a writing journal over a period of five weeks.
Their task was to experiment with a variety of poetic devices and use figurative language to convey the sentimental importance of a particular object.
The shortlisted poems are included below. Well done Chloe, Harry and all of 7A for a tremendous effort with your poems!

Singing Angel
By Chloe Flynn

I can hear her singing to me
A lullaby so calming… I'm nearly asleep
She was frozen in time
A while ago, by witches, I know so
Once a year, for a month
She stands next to a tree
Her dress is decorated with melted gold
It looks like she's been in Antarctica for years;
Her dress pure and white
Hair pinned in a perfect W
Sing for me please.


By Harry Nicholson

The smell of a million grass blades,
Kilometres of tarmac scraped on your skin
The look of a beat-up old sphere
But, it is more than that;
It is my only joy on a day of darkness
It flies like the cockatoo that lives near my house.
It may only be six months old, but it looks fifty
Stained with grass from when I kick it in the rain
Ripped by dogs who want a bit of the joy it gives
Stitching in a pattern of hexagons and pentagons
It wears its name;