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Last updated 9:31 AM on 12 June 2015
Congratulations to the students who represented Albion Park High School in the NSW Junior Chess League competition. Kyle Mounfield (Yr 10) Bryce Vandenberg (Yr 8), Daniella Walker (Yr 8), Ben Bacon (Yr 7) Gabriel McBride Vasquez (Yr 7), Kate Lynn (Yr 7) and Ayden Goldberg (Yr 7) played Nowra Anglican College and although they played well (and learnt a few tricks along the way), they were defeated on the day. This competition provided students with valuable playing experience and they were excellent ambassadors for our school.
Any students interested in learning how to play chess or in playing friendly games can go to the Library during the long break on Tuesdays.
Games of chess with the rules can be borrowed for practice during this time.