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Last updated 1:55 PM on 1 April 2016

During week 8, four students from Albion Park competed in the Secondary Schools Country Chess Competition. The first round competition was against Oak Flats.
All four matches were friendly and engaging, with both teams consisting of a mixture of girls and boys.

Congratulations to the Albion Park players: Bryce Van den Berg (Yr 9), Joshua Baldwin (Yr 7), Myles Andreini, (Yr 7) and Lara Cobb (Yr 7) , who all won their games. Laura Galloway and Lily Jackson, also from Year 7, competed in social games on the day.

These competition matches support the friendly games played each Tuesday during the long break in the
Library seminar rooms. If you are interested in playing, or learning to play chess, please join us.

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