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Last updated 2:33 PM on 16 September 2015
I would like to congratulate Ms MacIver "Ms Mac" and her students for holding a terrific CAPA (Creative & Performing Arts) event last Wednesday evening. The performances were wonderful, and the lighting, sound and set-up very professional, thanks to her trusty ‘entertainment crew'. Not only did the evening showcase the talent of the students, some of the talent was extraordinarily good; it also provided an opportunity for our students no matter what age, to grow and develop in a safe and caring environment. When parents were surveyed throughout 2015 the resounding comment was that they wanted their children to be happy and to be able to develop to their full potential as people; as educators we know that this can only happen when our students feel safe and able to make errors but feel supported and nurtured. This is exactly what I witnessed in this event, students having a go, doing their best, being supported by their friends and class mates with a teacher who is respected and trusted. I hope that this event grows to become bigger every year so that we can celebrate the performances of more of our talented students. Well done!