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Last updated 12:08 PM on 17 February 2014

Sincere thanks to both Mrs Frances Cole and Mr Jayson Pencil for the work that they have done in regards to the BYOD – Bring Your Own Device program. Thank you also to the many parents of Year 9 students who came along to support their children. The Year 7 information evening is coming up soon!

We recognise that we are embarking on cutting edge teaching and learning with this program and many other schools have considered it just too difficult to manage. At Albion Park High we believe that our students are worth it. To learn in the 21st Century you simply need connectivity, for the 21st century workplace. Information Technology skills for students need to be second nature.

Whilst there will be teething problems we have staff who are supportive, helpful and innovative so please do not hesitate to visit, email or ring us. For those parents who have not yet purchased a device, please ensure that you match the specifications given out by Mr Pencil and Mrs Cole; especially the dual band which is imperative for the device to work. Also seriously consider the weight of the device as students need to carry them all day.

Year 9 BYOD Schedule reminder

Friday 14 February – request a loan device returned to school

Friday 21 February – BYOD user charter returned to school (End of Week 4)

Wednesday 26 February – Loan Charter returned to school (end of Week 5)

Week 6 – allocation of loan devices and connection of BYOD to occur.