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Last updated 12:53 PM on 5 February 2014


Year 7 Information Sheet (pdf 84 KB)

Year 9 Information Sheet (pdf 112 KB)


Download the following information as a pdf here (pdf 98 KB)


Albion Park High school held a successful device testinupdateg day on 10th December, 2013 from which the following advice has been developed:

Devices operating Windows 8 need to be upgraded to 8.1. This is a free update. If you need advice on how to do this please call and ask to speak to our TSO.

The size of the laptop makes an impact on the battery life. Devices that families may have at home that are used in place of a desktop, larger than a Netbook or Notebook, will have a quicker battery drain than their smaller counterparts and will not last 5 – 7 hours without being recharged.

Any dongle purchased to make a device accessible to our Wi Fi network must have all or a combination of the following listed as specifications on the packaging – Dual Band; a,b,g,n; 5 GHz. It should also have a Windows Certified logo similar to the ones displayed here

An option for some families may be to purchase a lower priced entry device and a Dual Band dongle that still allows access to our Wi Fi system.

Some advice we have been given is in regards to those devices operating Windows XP. From April of next year Windows will no longer be supporting the XP operating system and as such will not combat any programs made that allow the theft of data. These malicious programs are being written and will be sold so that data theft will be very easy from XP devices.

At this stage proposed meetings for the two year groups will be during term 1- week 3 for year 9 and week 6 for year 7 in conjunction with the Meet and Greet afternoon.

It is important for each device to be easily identified externally. Students will need their names on the outside of their device in as permanent a state as possible.


Friday, 13 December 2013