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Last updated 2:38 PM on 7 December 2015

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On Friday 27th November we welcomed the year 5 students from Mt Terry and Albion Park primary schools for an adventure through Asia. Many of the staff were dressed in regional costumes, from Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and our intrepid PDHPE department who were Nepalese trekkers from the Himalayas! The students arrived excited and ready to explore our region with our year 7 guides. The primary school students were issued their passports and escorted through ‘customs' and onto various lessons around the school. The aim of the day is to share some of the cultural diversity of our region and to have a little fun along the way.


Students travelled to Indonesia to make masks, Japan for calligraphy, games and language, Korea to learn some Tae-Kwon-Do and Pakistan to learn about Malala Yousafzai. Each group of primary school students was guided through the activity by current year 7 and 10 Japanese students in addition to the support of our amazing staff.  After a whirlwind tour of three stopovers the primary school students had gained some new experiences and learnt a little more about our geographical region.   A brief customs check, a final stamp in the passport and we waved them off to return home to Australia with a little more knowledge and a lot of fun.


Thank you to all staff and students who were involved and to Ms Hutchins who organized the day.