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Last updated 2:55 PM on 27 October 2014

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On Monday 15 September, Mrs Hunt, Mr Bridges, Mrs Pinney and eighteen eager students from the Support Unit, set off for a three day camp at Berry Sport and Rec Centre.
For Amy Todd, Jordan Evans, Jessica Hector and Mitchell Mauro, this would be their last camp as Albion Park High School students. They were graduating the day after they returned from camp, so they were more than ready for one last hoorah.
After a brief morning tea stop to sing ‘Happy Birthday' to Daniel Hector (and indulge in some cupcakes) we arrived at the camp grounds. We were escorted to our rooms and after quickly unpacking our things we set off for some chicken wraps for lunch. With our stomachs full we were ready for our first activity – rogaining.
The students were divided into groups and given a map of the camp grounds. Their mission was to find as many markers as possible in the allocated time frame. Each marker was worth a certain amount of points with the furthest markers being worth the most.
A special mention must go to Tahlia Walsh, Teearnna Connolly and Daniel Cox who collected the most points and won the rogaining challenge.
The afternoon activity was archery and the dark maze. We all channeled our inner Robin Hood and it is fair to say that there were too many bulls eyes to mention. With our instructor Nick repeatedly calling Kaysi "Tracey", there were also many laughs at the archery range that afternoon. The dark maze tested many of the students as Nick spun a story about it being filled with dead rats and confined places you were likely get trapped in. However, the majority of the students overcame their fears and completed the maze, only to find out Nick's story wasn't entirely true. A stuffed toy turned out to be the dead rat!
As day two dawned we looked forward to kayaking and taking on the cable glide. Only one student ended up in the drink (Bailey Kuhnert) and it was a beautiful morning out on the water. A surprise visit from Mrs Hiscocks and baby Memphis made the morning extra special.
Day two's afternoon activity, the cable glide, definitely had the adrenalin pumping. A 300m suspended cable created the ultimate flying fox. The only problem was, you had to leap off a 10 metre high platform to ride it. It was a thrilling activity and it was so wonderful to see so many students push their fears aside to take on this challenge.
On the final day we reluctantly packed up our lodge and prepared for our final activity – a cook out. After a short trek down to the river we spent a relaxing morning cooking damper over an open fire.
Overall, the camp was a fantastic success. Mrs Hunt, Mr Bridges and Mrs Pinney would like to congratulate the students on their exemplary behaviour and we cannot wait to do it all again in two years' time!