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Last updated 2:39 PM on 15 September 2014

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Last week our students participated in the fabulous Southern Stars show #webelieve 2014. Our APHS students were represented in dance, in choir and in drama. Not only did they have a wonderful time but they represented the school with pride. This is a tremendous opportunity for students to be part of something much bigger than themselves; be part of a small school team and also part of an extremely large team of almost 3,000 students. I encourage all parents to, in turn, encourage your young person to participate in 2015!


southern stars regional drama


Southern Stars Regional Drama

Christie-Ann Shaw, Ryan Hilton and Amelia Phelps


southern stars regional choir


Southern Stars Regional Choir

Sophie Elbourn and Rebecca Keen (choir conductor)


Older news regarding Southern Stars:

With the recent media launch of ‘Southern Stars for 2014' we are happy to announce the theme for this year's show is ‘We Believe 2014'.
The show's theme is about a child's journey through to adulthood – believing in magic and fantasy in the early years, believing in themselves and through education, believing in a better world.
The show is divided into three segments and each investigates a different aspect of believing, starting with childhood then working through the turbulent teenage years to adulthood.
Again almost 2,800 students will take part in the show which will be full of music, dancing, colour and emotion.
Community support of Southern Stars is vital to ensure its success and future and with that in mind we encourage everyone to support Southern Stars by going to see one of the shows.
It doesn't matter if you know anyone performing in the show or not – Southern Stars is a high energy arena style show which provides great entertainment for people of all ages.
Over 12,000 people are expected to attend the four performances at the WIN Entertainment Centre on Friday 29 August and Saturday 30 August - make sure you are one of them!
Get together a group of friends, or your family, and make sure you get to the show.
Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster priced as follows: Adult $48, Pensioner and student over 12 $38, Student/Child under 12 $27 and Family pass $140.