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Last updated 2:25 PM on 16 September 2015
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We had a group of sixty seven, Year 11 students who attended the ‘b street smart' excursion at the Acer Arena in Homebush, Sydney earlier this term, along with 5000 other high school students.
Crossroads is a compulsory 25 hour course in NSW DET schools which helps to transition students from Years 11 to 12 by giving them vital life skills.
We have attended this road safety course last year and felt that it had a great impact on the students who attended, so we decided to make the trip up again in 2015.
We caught the bus up to Homebush and started the day off with a very confronting crash scene scenario which involved multiple people and various emergency services.
We then had some guest speakers from the Brain Injury unit speaking about their life experiences suffering from a brain injury after being involved in an accident. Morgan Evans, the ‘b street smart' ambassador, then spoke about his experiences and performed for the crowd.
Next was lunch and an opportunity to visit some interactive displays. Heaps of different displays to view from Wheelchair Sports NSW to NSW Fire and Rescue to Organ Donation.
After lunch we finished off with a guest speaker who suffered a spinal injury from a car accident and then had some visual demonstrations on stopping distances and being aware on the road.
All the Year 11 who attended were well-behaved and I feel they all took away something that they can use when they get behind the wheel.
Thanks to Mr Farrugia, Mrs Pack, Miss Elm and also Miss de Jager who either helped organise or supervised on the day.
Mr Blake