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Last updated 11:27 AM on 25 July 2014

Late last term, 47 students from our three Leadership Committees - the SRC, the Sports Committee and CAPA - were invited to attend a morning tea to raise money for the Cancer Council.

This charity has grown into one of the most popular fundraisers of the year across the nation and full credit must go to our school captain, Jessica Hull, for organising this initiative again at our school this year.

Students who are current members of our Leadership Committees were invited to bring a plate of food and a friend to the Common Room, with $5 from each person going to the charity.

All in all, over $200 was raised, which may have been a little down on previous years, but was still a satisfactory amount given that the event was organised at short notice.
Well done, Jess and to all of the other students who were involved.


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