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Last updated 3:10 PM on 23 June 2014

Being not just aware of, but proactive in ensuring we are environmentally sustainable, is crucial for the 21st century and beyond. The curriculum in both Primary and High Schools has a strong
environmental focus with an expectation that students know about, understand and are supportive of a sustainable world. I am extremely proud of the students who have signed up to the environmental group at Albion Park High overseen by Mr Mehdi Hassanpour.

This group has recently gained a grant which saw the installation of a water meter. An article written about this, was in the Lake Times on 8 April. Not long after its installation we received numerous text messages to say that there was major water leakage at night time. The students together with Mr Hassanpour and Amos Costa, went into problem solving mode to track down what could have been occurring.
The environment group, overseen by farm assistant Peter Bowditch, participated in a full school water audit and to our surprise (and shock) we discovered leaks in numerous places which had gone undetected for some time. Initially, a long list of taps, toilets, bubblers and fittings were identified as faulty and the following list indicated what the students found:

  • 9 bubblers losing up to 42 litres a day
  • 6 taps losing up 37 litres a day
  • 11 taps losing 10 litres a day
  • 7 leaking fittings and 4 leaking toilets
  • More leaks were reported and found over a 5 week period which led to a full water usage and audit report.

As of 16 June 99% of the repairs had been done. One tap had unfortunately been found on in a locked toilet which saw a loss of over 500 litres a day.
The total water loss to the school had been over 2,500 litres a day which is of course, unacceptable. Mehdi and Peter, together with their trusty environmental group, have been instrumental in ‘stopping the drain'. This is so important for numerous reasons, because of the cost of water to the school which is better used in education, because of the value of precious water as a resource and also because our students are learning to problem solve in a high quality environment, learning real-life lessons in how to be proactive.

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