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Last updated 12:14 PM on 17 February 2014


Last year, a number of students raised the issue of bullying. Despite the fact that we had procedures, it seemed that students who felt they were victims, were either unaware or unwilling to follow them.

In response to the concerns, we are now embarking on a re-vamp of the policy, the procedures, the advertising of the way to deal with bullies and the support that goes with it.

We have employed Mrs Erin McKinnirey one day per week for 2014 to ensure that the way in which we deal with bullies at Albion Park High is consistent and well understood. Mrs McKinnirey, who is also Year 9 Year Adviser, is working with Relieving Head Teacher PD/H/PE Adam Blake, Ms Kelly Poole and Ms Suzi Roth to make this a very real priority for 2014. Expect to see more information in the newsletter, on the website and facebook about this subject!

Students who feel they have been victimised need to see their teacher, their Year Adviser or their Deputy immediately so that it can be stopped before it escalates.