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Last updated 6:46 PM on 3 March 2014
What is VET? VET stands for Vocational Education and Training (VET). Many young people now choose to study vocational educational and training while at school, with one in three students taking at least one VET course as part of their HSC each year. These are high quality industry-recognised courses mainly delivered by schools and TAFE NSW. VET in schools helps young people to get a taste of what interests them and meets their aptitudes – helping them to make career decisions, giving them a head start and making their transition into the workforce much easier.
VET courses: 
  • Are available to students in Years 11 &12 
  • Taught by teachers at school and TAFE 
  • Provide a head start in a career 
  • Include work placement Provide pathways to further study
Albion Park High School¿s VET program is comprised of courses offered at school, TAFE and Private Training Providers. School-based apprenticeships and traineeships that combine paid work, training and school are also being undertaken by Albion Park High School students.
Courses being delivered at Albion Park High include: 
  • Business Services (Administration) 
  • Construction 
  • Hospitality 
  • Information, Digital Media & Technology (IDMT) 
  • Metals and Engineering
  • Sports Coaching
Simulated work places have been set up at school to assist students gain competencies in their chosen courses and to also build self-esteem and develop skills necessary for students to confidently enter the workplace. These include: 
  • Bella Admin, the practice firm used in Business Services (Administration) 
  • Café 11 is run and operated by Year 11 Hospitality students. 
  • 12 On Track is a Sport Administration and Coaching organisation, set up by the Sports Coaching classes 
  • IT Help Desk soon to be up and running with Year 11 Information, Digital Media and Technology students 
  • REV it Up Maintenance is an enterprise operated by Year 11 Work Studies students
Business Services is being showcased in this edition of Park Press and here are just some of the great activities being organised by Bella Admin students under the careful guidance of their teacher, Tegan Hatfield.
2013 marked a significant period of change for the Business Services (Administration) class, run for Year 11 and 12 students. Previously, students had gained practical experience of typical administrative tasks through simulated offices that were connected to other similar school and TAFE-based offices across Australia. Unfortunately, the company running these virtual enterprises ceased trading and some creativity was needed to give students real world practical experience of skills, they will need in the workplace!
As a result, Bella Admin was established as a school- based enterprise, with our current Year 12 group as the pioneers. Their first major project was the successful „Candy Cane Drive¿ carried out in Term 4, 2013. This project involved students working in smaller groups on advertising, organisation, ordering and production to meet business deadlines and develop their interpersonal skills. Each student actively participated in this project, completing an assessment and reflection at the end, to achieve their competencies across four units of study. After selling over 1200 candy canes to staff, students and parents, the group raised close to $500. These funds have since been used to purchase individual shirts with the Bella Admin logo for students to wear during practical lessons and projects in 2014.
Business Services


So what¿s in store for 2014? Lots!! This year the class has established three working parties, each with their own unique project to plan, deliver and evaluate. The first project is an outdoor cinema night to be held on Friday 28 March in the school grounds. This project is titled „Movies @ The Park¿ and is being run by Layne Hornby, Kayla Correia, Tiffany Vandenbrink, Morgan McPherson and Megan Pavey – if you are interested in attending, please see the attached flyer with more information! The second project involves Rachel Mlinaric, Marissa Lingal, Lauren King and Jordan Dudgeon, who have taken on the intricate task of organising the Year 12 Formal. At present, they have been working hard on researching viable venue options, developing a student survey, collating results, liaising with a focus group of other Year 12 students, organising parental permission and booking the venue (Novotel Northbeach). The third project is of a more creative nature and sees Rhianna Hoogstraten, Alisha Cock, Adam Burke, Tarsha Andriske and Emma Macqueen delivering a Year 12 Yearbook, of which they are currently in the initial planning stages. Each project is diverse in its nature and demands and each student chose a project that complements their HSC study patterns that they were personally interested in. As a result, each student will be developing employability skills including time management, self-direction, interpersonal and communication skills, while building their confidence and working towards achieving their course competencies.
A very busy year ahead for the class! A new and exciting initiative for the VET faculty in 2014 is to establish community links with local businesses through a mentoring program which will assist students and teachers (trainers) with current industry standards. By keeping up-to-date with current industry practice, students can enhance their transition into the workforce and trainers are confident that they are delivering current practices in the classroom and simulated work place. At present Albion Park High School is happy to announce a partnership with „Relish on Addison¿ Restaurant in Shellharbour who will mentor Hospitality students and trainers. The NRL Dragons and local sporting clubs already assist Sport Coaching students in coaching practices and we are looking for local business people to mentor in Business Services (Administration), Construction and IDMT.
So if anyone involved in a local business is interested in taking on a mentoring role to further improve our students knowledge and understanding of your industry and develop practical and transferable skills, please contact Cheryl Burling Head Teacher VET on 4257 8015 or cheryl.burling@det.nsw.edu.au There are many benefits for both students and business in such a community partnership.