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Last updated 3:01 PM on 9 November 2015



This year as you will be aware we are running the inaugural "Activity Week" and all students have now chosen what they intend doing. This involves running two days (Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th December) of a wide range of activities; these activities are designed and run by staff who chose them because of their exciting and relationship-building factor. This is a wonderful opportunity to have fun, be involved, spend time with friends, get to know other people, be active, get your Christmas shopping done and make great relationships with new staff.

We are very positive about the social outcomes of these two days and excited about what the prospects for even more exciting events in the future. I want to remind parents that this is not a time to have off school – there is an activity for everyone and not all of the activities cost money. Please work with us to get into the Christmas spirit of joy and good-will and set high expectations of attendance for your child. Thanks very much to Mrs Rebecca Keen, Ms Kelly Poole and Mrs Emma Nelson, who are working hard on the organisational aspects of the days.

Suzi Clapham