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Last updated 3:15 PM on 8 February 2016

From Trish Hammond  (Deputy Principal - Relieving)

Welcome back to year 12!!!

I hope you had a restful break and are ready to engage in your final year of schooling at Albion Park High School.

I want to start the year with an encouragement  for you to be successful learners.

Successful criteria for learning is through engagement and ownership in your education; it supports you to learn to be self-regulating – that is, to self-monitor your way to success.  Our School motto of Respect Responsibility and Commitment - how does this relate to you? What does it mean to you? Are you a positive role model? The younger students look up to you...so what type of person do you want to reflect????

The end point of your schooling should be an accumulation of personal growth, success and realisation of what you want for yourself ... Are you giving yourself the best chance of success? At times, barriers may seem insurmountable, and yet, across the world others are using all support systems available to overcome "the tipping point." The benefits of attending school every day is a critical part of achieving success:

  • Students who attended school regularly were more likely to be informed and pass assessments.
  • Provide Opportunity:  Being in school every day gives you a chance to learn more about opportunities for successful academic achievements.
  • Being part of the school community can help you to maintain friendships and relationships and develop a broader world view.
  • Employers look for high attendance with skills of punctuality, self-discipline and organisation- they won't employ someone who has "sickies" or is unreliable!

Make the best of the next three terms, and if you think you haven't put your best foot forward, it's not too late...get the right advice, support and guidance so you can reach your full potential, so that when you graduate from Albion Park High School you can be proud of your efforts and achievements and have no regrets.

The best motivation comes from within, and a sense of fulfilment and achievement comes from looking in the mirror and being able to say "I have done the best I could do". Be self-motivated to say I want better for myself... It's all about you… your dreams, your goals, your visions, your life. How will you shape them? How will you nurture them? How will you prove your worth? It's all in your hands at this point in time, and I hope that in looking back you won't regret anything.

I am looking forward to working with you during term 1 to ensure you settle into a productive term with successful learning as your goal!

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