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Last updated 12:14 PM on 23 April 2015

You will have no doubt heard on both radio and on television the very real and disturbing stories about the growing use of the drug Ice in Australia, some of you may have seen the 60 minutes special. I read a comment by Superintendent Wayne Starling from the Illawarra Local Area Command in the local Advertiser, about the concern that local police have, that in fact statistically the Shellharbour area is showing higher levels of Ice usage than even Wollongong. This is a very frightening scourge on our local community, and in a more global sense our society. This new drug cuts across all ages, genders and socio-economic groups. It is ESSENTIAL that parents be aware of, be on the look-out and informed about, this and other dangerously addictive synthetic drugs.

I have made suggestions for places to look for up-to-date information, below.

I urge you to become aware and talk openly and frankly about the high stakes and terrifyingly fast addiction rate of these insidious drugs with your child/children and to be aware of anyone attempting to convince them to take a risk with ‘experimentation'.


https://youtu.be/yxKst8BaPbc    - 4 Corners special "The Ice Age"  January 2015