The NEW History Syllabus

In 2014, years 7 and 9 across NSW, and Australia, will begin studying a NEW History syllabus. This syllabus was formalised after consultation with ACARA and the Board of Studies.

Years 8 and 10 will follow in 2015, and at that point all of our junior students will be studying the new curriculum.

At Albion Park High School, we are very excitedly entering into this new phase of teaching History, with staff, parents and students all taking part in the planning process. We have been working with other local high schools to establish cooperative links and develop resources that will be of benefit to all students.

If you would like to see the new curriculum, and share your opinion on the topics that you would like to see us study, please use the link below and email the HT HSIE with your thoughts.


BoS History Curriculum