Positive Behaviour for Success


"Positive Behaviour for Success" (PBS) is an Illawarra and South East Region Schools initiative to assist regional schools in building school wide systems and expertise to promote positive values, positive values, positive behaviours and to build school environments which maximise learning engagement and promote student achievement.  PBS currently involves over 50 schools in this region.

PBS is highly adaptable to school and community needs and allows each individual school to adapt PBS systems to their unique needs.  PBS systems and strategies successfully adapt to pre-school, primary and secondary school settings.  PBS systems maximise schools' ability to create a positive and safe school climate.


The core of the PBS system is the Values decided by the school community, at Albion Park High school they are Respect, Responsibility and Commitment.  Expectations based around these values are taught and reinforced across the school in all settings both classroom and non-classroom.  Students who demonstrate these values are rewarded as part of the school merit system and are constantly encouraged to display these values.