Academic opportunities

 Daniel Gonzalo, Year 9, talks about the ABC experience.



 Students are invited to participate in the Albion Park High Above, Beyond and Committed Program (ABC). This program is designed to meet the needs of gifted and talented students; the expectations for this class are high and positions are limited. In the ABC class students are able to engage with like minded students to fulfil their academic potential.

This program runs in Years 7 and 8 and students need to apply in Year 6 in the previous year to gain entry.

Note: This program was previously named the Able and Interested program.

For further information please contact Brei Dwyer (HSIE teacher).


Application - Pdf (pdf 31 KB)

Application - Word doc (docx 37 KB)

The competitive arena awaits students with the chance to excel in public speaking, debating, web design, student newspapers, environmental management and much more.

Explore the DET arts unit's website to find out about state-based and national debating, public speaking and spelling events.