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Personal Interest Projects Promote Critical and Creative Thinking


Have you ever wondered about the impact of Nintendo on the gaming world, whether dragons could help our endangered species and how gaming can be used to have a positive impact on children?  In the completion of their Personal Interest Projects, some Year 7 students have explored these issues. PIPs encourage students to develop critical and creative thinking skills essential for success in the 21st century.  Given some freedom, the creativity of APHS students was amazing and the results were impressive. 

Students are required to plan and formulate a driving question, research its possible answers or outcomes and create a product that demonstrates the learning or project in a unique and creative way.  Congratulations to all students who participated in the project, which has been showcased in the Library for the past week.  Displays included original textile designs and delicious baking, music and video clips, poetry and creative writing, sustainable plant growth, face friendly foundation, the benefits of origami on concentration, how video games can be positive and educational, the results of repetitive training on our skill set and how to solve the problem of transporting scuba gear to and from a dive.


Year 7 PIP



The PIP enrichment project aims to promote a variety of skills including:

  • Planning and time management skills
  • Research and organisational skills
  • Independent learning
  • Problem solving and higher order thinking
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Personal reflection and a love of learning


Photos of students who participated in the PIP project can be viewed in the photo gallery on the APHS homepage.